Copy Editing Process

Once a manuscript is finished, it’s helpful to have another person (i.e. the copy editor) look it over to ensure that all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation is correct.  In addition, that second pair of eyes can tell you which scenes, information, facts, and even minor characters are unnecessary to the overall story or nonfiction book.

My services include the following:

  • Initial read-through of the book
  • Copy editing throughout the book, which includes review and correction of any punctuation, grammar, and spelling necessary
  • Notes provided to the author for consideration of suggested changes

The process by which this is done includes a preview of the copy editor’s work by the author early on, to ensure that the author is happy with the services before the copy editor’s work is completed.

Once the author and I have arranged to work together, note the following steps:

Step 1:  Author sends the manuscript to me in either Microsoft Word or Pages.

Step 2:  I open the document to ensure that the manuscript is readable and provide a sample of copy editing for the first few pages of the manuscript.

Step 3:  I send the partially-edited manuscript, along with an invoice, to the author.  If the author is pleased with my work, she or he accepts the agreement and requests that I continue the work.

Step 4:  I complete the initial edits on the manuscript and send it back to the author, with comments if necessary, for the author to review.

Step 5:  Author accepts or rejects the changes and returns it to me for a final read-through.

Step 6:  I read through the manuscript and note any additional changes or suggestions for the author.  Then, I return the manuscript to the author.

NOTE: Work that contains violence or events of a disturbing nature may be rejected. 


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