New Resource for California Writers and Workers

At an impromptu coffee meeting with a writer friend last week, I found out about Experience Unlimited. It’s a state-funded service in California for people who are looking to network and find work.

Experience Unlimited has a general website as well as offices in different cities and regions. I saw several cities, including Pasadena, Anaheim, and Irvine, where offices are located for workers in Southern California. Personally, I want to check out the one in Pasadena because it’s near where I currently live and it’s where I’ll see at least one familiar face– my friend who gave me the tip about Experience Unlimited.

Right now I have several friends who are in constantly changing careers, like mine, so I wanted to write this down so that they can use it as a resource.

At a meetup last week, I made a list of all the helpful suggestions the group came up with and created a picture to share… meetingnotes



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