Company Newsletter Feature Article, July 2011

Summer of Safety: A good time for a check-up

Safety in the workplace means different things to different people, but for me, it means doing the right thing and looking out for yourself and others. For our Summer of Safety, I’ve put together a list of some timely topics that are specific to LifeSouth.

One way to increase your SQ (Safety Quotient) is to take care of your physical self. Remember, LifeSouth offers a fitness program to all full-time employees that can be purchased through payroll deductions in most locations. Look into the opportunities in your area for fitness and fun, like kick-boxing, zumba, weight-lifting, and team sports. Exercise is good for the body and the mind; you will sleep better, concentrate harder, and enjoy life more if you are physically active. You’ll be a safer driver, too, which benefits everyone (including yourself).

Taking better care of yourself not only increases productivity at work, but also reduces workplace injuries. It is also important for employees to recharge their batteries, both mentally and physically, at work. LifeSouth wants all hourly employees to take a 10 to 15-minute rest break for each 4 hours worked. Stretch your legs by walking outside, or get a snack and drink some water before returning to your work station. The meal period is your personal and uninterrupted time away from work. Read a book, eat a healthy meal, or take a walk off campus (to really boost your team’s Walking Challenge standings).

Taking this a step further, LifeSouth’s LifeWise wellness program offers tools, resources, and challenges related to health, food, money, and body. Having these areas of life “in shape” offers peace of mind. Check out the benefits that LifeWise can bring into your life by logging in to HR-Bor accessing Employee Resources on EIS to view the LifeWise page to find out more, including convenient ways to save money on your health expenses.

Workplace safety includes ensuring that you and your team members are alert and sober, so that your team can carry out its mission effectively. This effort is hampered by drugs and alcohol. Not only does drug and alcohol abuse affect an employee’s productivity and safety at work, it also compromises the safety of other employees in the workplace. Almost every job at LifeSouth directly impacts others, from the donors, the patients, and even other motorists on the road. If you need help concerning your alcohol or drug use, LifeSouth offers a free and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Go to HR-B for more information on the EAP.

Safety in the workplace goes far beyond the concepts we’re most familiar with in blood banking, such as using Personal Protective Equipment and the current Good Manufacturing Practices. It affects the people around us as well as our own health and well-being. Increase your SQ by looking into all the opportunities LifeSouth offers and following the rules that keep everyone safe and healthy on the job.


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